Zap Mama, Sun Ra Arkestra, Marga Mbande, Celia Wa, Lydie Lapeste, Soboye, Hannah Pool, Symone, Alvina Karamoko, The Realz Mad …


by Cristina Morales

Cristina Morales is a cultural activist – a transdisciplinary cultural practitioner working internationally as a critical researcher, writer, curator / producer, speaker, educator and artist at the intersection of art and politics for self and community development. A singular cultural strategist linking decolonial theory and the full spectrum of human sciences with social practice art. She holds a Master in Cultural Production from the Open University of Catalonia, and a Bachelor in Sociocultural Anthropology from the University of Barcelona, Spain. Cristina is currently freelancing as project manager for Disability Arts Online (UK). She is the founding curator of Counterspace, and founding artist of Totem Taboo (both international). And she is a freelance writer on decoloniality, cultural activism, and African / African diaspora arts & culture, published by international media such as the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London); El Mundo (Madrid); Humanities, Arts & Society (Paris); A Beautiful Resistance (Seattle); Inhabit (Global); Ouvrage (Montreal); and Radio Africa (Barcelona) |