Totem ¹ Taboo ²
Totem ¹ symbol which represents a system of beliefs and a sense of belonging.
Taboo ² social rejection based on beliefs and unfounded prejudices.

Totem Taboo designs political scenes + scenic artefacts building new collective imaginaries through the visual narrative of the symbol. It was the first ‘brand’ designing militant ethnic fashion in Spain since 2012, portrayed in Barcelona’s street art by SM172. The first Spanish ‘brand’ present in top emerging contemporary ethnic art & design shows in Europe such as Labo Ethnik – Paris, 2012; Ethno Tendance – Brussels, 2012 ; Afropunk – Paris, 2016 or Africa Utopia – London, 2017 to mention a few. And the first contemporary ethnic fashion ‘brand’ dressing the contemporary free jazz scene with a Sun Ra-inspired collection, with the likes of Zap Mama and Sun Ra Arkestra. Totem Taboo is stocked at the biggest museum of anthropology in Europe, Quai Branly Museum boutique in Paris, and Soboye, the biggest African fashion hub in London. Totem Taboo was part of the collective scenic fashion exhibition ‘Parures’, organised by Paris-based conscious fashion organisation Universal Love, exhibited at Klimafestivalen in collaboration with Fashion Revolution in Oslo – Norway, 2018.