Mahogany Carnival Arts, Harlesden – London, 2016.

I am a self-taught artist but last summer I had the opportunity thanks to my brand portfolio and the right contacts to work as a freelance costume assistant for several London based Carnival Art organisations. I also got personally close to the London avant-garde jazz scene. Both experiences inspired me deeply, emotionally as well as with new skills, to create my first performance costumes. My first scenic collection, even if not the first one linking fashion with music, it is called ‘Space Age’ and is inspired by the aesthetics, philosophy and politics of Sun-Ra.

Collection making is been ongoing since . It is not launched yet but it will be soon and in this post I am sharing what it was the preview of my first piece that I showcased in the Royal Albert Hall of Africa Utopia Festival at Southbank Centre in London in 2016. The stage was presided by an Afrofuturist artwork by the NY-based artist Manzel Bowman. And the show was presented by legendary Senegalese musician and activist Baaba Maal.

Manzel Bowman

Manzel Bowman

Totem Taboo first scenic piece showcased at Africa Utopia by Kendall Mugler, Southbank – London, 2016.

Curator of Africa Utopia Festival, Hannah Pool, was wearing Totem Taboo’s an Astro Black collection piece.

Hannah Pool wearing Totem Taboo

by Cristina Morales