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It’s been nice having lunch this morning with African Street Style organiser delighting ourselves with some Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen. A discussion about London, identity, cultural appropiation, gentrification, the elitist versus democratic targets of projects, just to mention a few topics.

Totem Taboo will be next 26th July among the designers that this yearly festival broadcast in the heart of Shoreditch since 2012.

An entirely democratic festival for all kind of publics exploring African influence at large in that London for free. You won’t find many festivals showcasing the best that London’s contemporary African scene at large has to offer for free nor in an open air space. From gastronomy to fashion, from music to films, from visual art to dance, from adults to children activities.

In a microworld where arts and fashion become more and more exclusive, it’s really pleasant to resonate with other humble souls and political minds out there who drive their endeavours by vision before profit.

See you all there.


Post main featured image by the legendary Hassan Hajjaj. London, 2015.

by Cristina Morales