As any kind of soulmates they are not abundant. And when they arrive, they always do it on time. When it comes to work, finding out about other fashion designers sharing a vision it’s always a bliss in the heart whispering ‘we are not alone’.  As Busra Erkara wrote for UI Culturee Magazine this week: ‘ New York-based visual artist Maria Kazakova and her brand JAHNKOY’s mood board is an explosion of saturated colors, empowering quotes, and universal references. Her wide ranging influences are visible on the pages of her sketchbook and her intricately crafted soulful collections willing to dress a Royal Tribe. In her designs, tribal patterns from West Africa meet small silver bells from the steppes of Central Asia, and power slogans find themselves scribbled around Sitting Bull, as well as embroidered on heavy canvas in carefree handwriting.

Originally from Siberia, the artist found out about John Galliano’s work at a young age, and dreamt of going to Central Saint Martins until she was accepted to the acclaimed art and design institute’s BA program for menswear design in 2014. Currently she has just enrolled a Master at Parsons School of Design in NY.’

“My work is the reflection of what I experienced, of what I love, what I have choosen to be surrounded with, what I find meaningful, what I believe in and what I find worth fighting for.” ~ Jahnkoy.

The name of her label–and her now adapted last name, Jahnkoy, came during a three and a half day train trip from Siberia to Crimea. “ I heard the name of the next stop “???????” [DZHANKOY], and I just knew that was it!” she says. “The word means ‘spirit-village’, I added my own spelling to it, and it stayed with me ever since. It goes perfectly with what I stand for and with the future that I see for my practice.”

Having launched only one capsule collection to date, Jahnkoy is currently working on “The Displaced”, her MFA graduate collection, which she will show the upcoming September 2016.





by Cristina Morales

Cristina Morales is a London-based Spanish-born cultural activist – a transdisciplinary cultural practitioner with international experience working as researcher, writer, curator, speaker, critical pedagogue and artist at the intersection of art, psychology and politics for self and community development . She holds a Master in Arts & Culture Production from the Open University of Catalonia, and a Bachelor in Sociocultural Anthropology from the University of Barcelona, Spain. Known for her creative, decolonial and hence holistic approach to activism, Cristina is currently freelancing as project manager for Disability Arts Online (UK). She is the founding curator of Counterspace, and founding artist of Totem Taboo (International). She is an artist-in-residence at Design Science Studio, an incubator for revolutionary art by Buckminster Fuller Institute (San Francisco). And she is a freelance writer on decoloniality, cultural activism, and African/diaspora arts & culture, published by media such as the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London); El Mundo (Madrid); Humanities, Arts & Society (Paris); A Beautiful Resistance (Seattle); Inhabit (Global); Ouvrage (Montreal); and Radio Africa (Barcelona) | moralescristina.com