Fashion is often perceived as superficial, materialist and nothing but whatever related to trends which means the desire to fit in, to be perceived as cool and basically get socially accepted.

Style is spiritual, has nothing to do with trends but with our own sens of beauty which will probably stand out from the crowd for being unique and following not the desire but the ultimate need of expressing who we are and what do we believe, it goes mutating along with your own identity-building which is non stop, always in process, adding and substracting as we grow incorporating new experiences at the same time we learn to let go. Style comes from the need to empower ourselves by expressing our personality, our personal life stories often known and decodable by just a few, and who we have become, to ourselves first and to the world, as a way to step in and out from deep in the soul.


Shifting the perspective of style from superficial to introspective, StyleLikeU reveals the much deeper truth behind being stylish, and moreover, behind the concept of being beautiful through the project What’s Underneath.

A series of documentaries I felt so reflected with in my own understanding of what is personal and social empowering fashion, and how personal and social identitary issues can be worked through this tool deciding what is more than fashionable, beautiful.

In this era of social media where we show and push our best selfs as we must, people tend to assume many things about ourselves because our whole selfs belong to our privacy. This project is a volunteer meaningful challenge to broadcast participants whole, explaining how does their style relate to their wholeness which brings all of it to meaning. At the same time it humanizes all these, much reknown, ‘fashionistas’ of all ages, forms and backgrounds whose stories are going to be very difficult not to feel related to, behind their style, and all the judgements and assumptions they can get from others because of it.

As wisdom is nothing but healed pain, whatever sens of power rarely come from another place either.

A must-see at Totem Taboo’s philosophy ressources in my blog.




by Cristina Morales