Totem ¹ Taboo ²
Totem ¹ symbol which represents a system of beliefs and a sense of belonging.
Taboo ² social rejection based on beliefs and unfounded prejudices.

Totem Taboo is a conceptual fashion brand building new collective imaginaries through the visual narrative of the symbol.

Understanding we are all the result of a constant cultural hybridisation through time and space in history with a common origin, identity as something defined by experience and not by race, styling as a visual language which recreates universes & foster trends which define social constructs of beauty and that we are not governed by people but by ideas, Totem Taboo aims to shift through visual thought micro and macro politics of difference in the individual and collective unconsciousness.

Strongly inspired by Black culture, Counter-culture, Avant-garde culture (Dadaism, Situationism … ), Performance art, psychoanalysis and symbolic anthropology, Totem Taboo is the result of this amalgam coming out as an artistic militancy. An existential manifesto in the form of wearable art and public situations conceived by anthropologist and artist Cristina Morales.

Operating outside traditional seasons, small limited edition capsule collections are released throughout the year focusing on locally and ethically handmade unique pieces that transcend fast fashion’s ethos and trends.

Currently based in London, the artist is at the moment about to launch her first scenic fashion collection called ‘Space is the place’ inspired by Free Jazz and Afrofuturism pioneer Sun Ra, already previewed at Africa Utopia Festival in London and Klimafestivalen in Oslo.